QMA Instructor – Jeremy Doe

Jeremy Doe

Drums & Cajon

Osborne | In-person | Online

Jeremy gained a fascination with music growing up in a musical home and gained a particular interest with drums at a very young age. He started playing on pots and pans with whatever he could get his hands on around the house, watching live performances of various artists and bands on TV. He received his first real drumset at the age of 6 and was immediately thrust into music lessons, with the passion to make noise into music!

Jeremy has performed with several original and cover groups throughout the city as well as completing studio session work alongside Randy Hiebert and Vaughan Poyser with various local singers/songwriters. Currently he is performing with an acoustic trio group formed with his brother on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and his dad on lead guitar. Jeremy has also previously taught drum lessons at Quest Music Academy since 2017. In his younger years, he participated in the Manitoba Provincial Junior Honour band in 2008 and the Intermediate Honour band in 2010 in addition to performing with concert/classical, jazz, rock, punk, metal, funk and R&B bands throughout middle and high school.

After 23 years of studying and performing music, Jeremy has amassed a plethora of knowledge and skills towards his passion and craft, eager to instruct and share his expertise and experiences with future generations and anyone else looking to pursue their passion in music or just bang on the drums! 

Jeremy teaches all ages and skill levels from beginner to advanced, genres including rock, punk, metal, jazz, funk, reggae as well as specific techniques/skills such as double bass drumming, linear drumming, odd meter time, and instrument maintenance (tuning/cleaning).