Quest Music Academy is proud to offer all of our students the opportunity to perform in our weekend long, spring recital which takes place in June of each year.

While all students are welcome and encouraged to participate, we do understand that not all students may want to participate and there is no pressure on the student to do so. At Quest Music Academy we believe recitals are a great way for students to share with family and friends all of their hard work, and show off all of the accomplishments they have made throughout their lessons.

Rock Concert Recital

Our Rock Recital format consists of two 2 hour long rock shows, both taking place in the same afternoon. In the weeks leading up to the recital students will chose a song to perform and will be placed in bands based on that choice. They will then have the three lessons before the recital replaced with band rehearsals. In these rehearsals the students will have the opportunity to practice their songs with the other band members and prepare for the concert. While guitarists, bassists, vocalists, and drummers and particularly encouraged to participate in this format, keyboardists, violinists, woodwind and brass players are very welcome as well. We will find a place in a band for anyone who wishes to participate.

The only requirement to play in the rock concert recital is that the student must have the minimum skill level required to play a complete song in time with other musicians.

Standard Recital Format

Our standard recital format consists of four 45-60 minute recitals all taking place on the same afternoon. These performances will feature students playing solo pieces, some may be accompanied by their instructors or use backing tracks as well. Some small ensembles will also perform. All types of instruments and genres of music will be featured and students of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. The standard recital format is ideal for students who want to perform on their own rather than in a group, are playing classical pieces, or aren’t quite ready to play in a band yet.

Vocal Recital Format

Our vocal recital is a one night vocal show case for our students. The concert will be approximately 2 hours long and students will perform solo or in small ensembles accompanied by a professional back up band complete with concert sound and lighting. This recital is ideal for vocal students who are looking for an intimate stage experience rather than the fast pace of the rock concert.