Winnipeg Music Lessons

Quest Music Academy’s lesson program offers a variety of instructional and developmental strategies to assist music students of all ages and skill levels.

Quest Music Academy’s main objective is to provide an educational and fun learning environment that keeps students challenged and engaged throughout their study. The music teachers on staff are experienced and highly knowledgeable about their craft to ensure the students receive the highest level of expertise and instruction while they attend their music lessons. Quest Musique offers a plethora of instructional method books and repertoire to access as students progress in their lessons.

Students can expect to learn:

  • Education on a variety of musical genres and styles
  • Rudimentary and Intermediate education on music theory (varies from student to student)
  • Skill building exercises that directly correlate to each students specific needs, interests and musical pursuits
  • Lesson plans tailored to each student as an individual
  • *Note: preferred instructional materials may vary from music teacher to music teacher

Personalized Music Lessons

Quest Musique believes in the importance of individual instruction when learning to play musical instruments. One-on-one instruction enables instructors to customize their curriculum to the level and strengths of each student, focusing attention on mastering areas of difficulty. Teaching individualized music lessons enables students to work towards achieving their goals such as playing in a band, singing in a choir or musical, song-writing, playing in a youth orchestra, or just keeping up in band class at school.

Instructor Qualifications

Quest Musique is proud to offer Winnipeg music lessons with qualified instructors in a great variety of instruments and genres. Our music instructors are active members in Winnipeg’s vibrant music community, regularly performing and collaborating with other musicians. All of our instructors are accomplished in music theory, with many holding music degrees or ARCT Certification. All of our music instructors, as well as substitutes, are screened through Manitoba’s Child Abuse Registry to ensure the safety of our students.

Music Lessons Available

We offer lessons for the following instruments:

  • Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons
  • Electric Bass
  • Upright Bass
  • Piano Lessons
  • Keyboard Lessons
  • Voice / Singing Lessons
  • Percussion / Drum Lessons
  • Violin/Fiddle
  • Ukulele
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Banjo
  • Mandolin
  • Trumpet
  • Saxophone
  • Flute


Every spring our music students have the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments in a series of recitals at a local theatre. We offer three recital formats:

  • Standard Recital in which students are showcased individually
  • Vocal Recital in which students get the opportunity to sing in front of a back-up band of hired professional musicians
  • Rock Band Recital in which singers and a variety of instrumentalists (students & instructors) are organized into bands and meet several times prior to the recital to rehearse a song to perform. During the performance the use of full lighting and stage effects give the “rock-concert” experience.

Lesson Fees

Lessons are $22.50 per half-hour lesson.

Music Lessons Registration

Between 11 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. call: (204) 231-1677

Alternatively, visit one of our 2 locations:

1308 Portage Avenue just east of the Polo Park Mall near the intersection of Valour Road and Portage Avenue. Phone: 204-233-4151

692 Osborne Street located on the 2nd floor. The building is located in the South Osborne area. Phone: 204-231-1677