Winnipeg Ukulele Lessons

We are pleased to offer Winnipeg ukulele lessons, individually tailored to the student’s needs.

Ukulele lessons have been a part of our music academy for over twenty years. During a ukulele lesson, you and your instructor will have fun learning the foundations of music by choosing songs and melodies from any genre and having the elements broken down into easy to learn, step by step parts that you can play. Lessons can be taught in standard notation, in tab or in a variety of formats. “…our ukulele students are fully engaged because our instructors assist them to set attainable goals that lead the student to become the guitar player they want to be.”

Online Ukulele Lessons are currently available!
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Individualized Lessons

One-on-One Instruction

Quest Music Academy acknowledges that students learning the ukulele achieve superior skills in less time with custom ukulele lessons and private instruction rather than a generic “one size fits all’ approach.

Ukulele Lessons Registration:  (204) 231-1677

Music education for a broad variety of instruments and specialty instruments such as Ukulele lessons have always been at the core of what we do at Quest Musique. Quest Music Academy take music lessons a step further than standard music schools by offering one-on-one lessons, a unique lesson plan customized to each music student’s needs, and goals the students set with the instructors.

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Ukulele Lessons Registration:  (204) 231-1677

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