Winnipeg Violin Lessons

Our instructors take an individualized approach when teaching violin lessons, meeting the requirements of each student.

Depending on the style of violin playing you wish to pursue (including fiddling, classical and improvisation), they will implement constructive exercises and provide meaningful insight into your playing in order to best benefit your learning desires. Our instructors place a high measure of importance on proper technique, and students can expect technical exercises regardless of level or style. In addition, they will teach musical fundamentals and theory, and enjoy allowing their students class time to implement and experiment with more technically difficult attributes of violin, such as vibrato, shifting, and bowing styles.

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Individualized Lessons

One-on-One Instruction

Whether the student’s goals include RCM examination, Conservatory Canada exam preparation, or perhaps membership in a professional orchestra, our violin instructors will assist the student in reaching their goals at a pace that challenges them without becoming overwhelming.

“…our individualized lessons for the violin maximize student engagement and enjoyment.”

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Between 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. call:

Violin Lessons Registration:  (204) 231-1677

Alternatively, please call or visit one of our 2 Winnipeg locations

1308 Portage Avenue just east of the Polo Park Mall  near the intersection of Valour Road and Portage Avenue.

Phone: 204-233-4151

166 Meadowood Drive between St Mary’s road and Dakota Street immediately south of the St. Vital Mall.

Phone: 204-231-1677

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