Quest Music Academy believes in the importance of individual instruction when learning to play a musical instrument.
One-on-one instruction enables teachers to customize their curriculum to the level and strengths of each music student, and to give more focused attention to areas of difficulty. Individual music instruction also enables students and teachers to work towards students’ individual musical goals, such as playing in a band, singing in a choir or musical, song-writing, playing in a youth orchestra, or just keeping up in band class.

In-Person & online lessons are currently available with some of our amazing teachers!
Contact our Lessons Coordinator to find out what lesson type works best for you!


“Our children have been attending Quest Music Academy on Meadowood for 5 years now, taking Guitar, Piano, Drums,and Voice. We are extremely impressed with the caliber of instruction, along with the supportive, friendly front end staff. We would gladly recommend Quest Musique to anyone who is looking for high quality lessons, taught by experienced instructors, either for themselves or their children.”


“The music school is managed in an exceptional manner, making it easy to balance the busy lives of kids with sports and musical interests. Matters are always handled in an efficient and friendly manner leaving all of us happy at the end of the day!”


Winnipeg Music Lessons

Quest Music Academy’s lesson program offers a variety of instructional and developmental strategies to assist music students of all ages and skill levels. Quest Music Academy’s main objective is to provide an educational and fun learning environment that keeps students challenged and engaged throughout their study. The music teachers on staff are experienced and highly knowledgeable about their craft to ensure the students receive the highest level of expertise and instruction while they attend their music lessons. Quest Musique offers a plethora of instructional method books and repertoire to access as students progress in their lessons.