Music Theory Intensive

Music Theory Intensive Program

Ever wonder how composers create captivating melodies and build emotional tension? Why certain notes go well together and others don’t? How musicians improvise effortlessly?

Through interactive lessons, our instructor Anika Price will help you build a solid foundation in music theory and unlock the hidden language of music. Dive into the fascinating world of scales, chords, and intervals; unravel the mysteries behind harmony, melody, and rhythm. Discover how to analyze and understand the structure your favourite musical pieces.

Program details:

  • Lesson Time: please contact for availability
  • Instructor: Anika Price
  • Material:
    Ultimate Music Theory – Glory St Germain (included in program fee)
  • Fee: $215

Topics covered:

  • Lesson 1: Staff, Rhythmic Values, Circle of Fifths, Key Signatures, Intervals
  • Lesson 2: Semi-tones & Accidentals
  • Lesson 3: Major and Minor scales, Triads
  • Lesson 4: Scale Degrees
  • Lesson 5: Musical Terms and Symbols
  • Lesson 6: Revision

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